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Lunar new year
11:54 p.m. - 2023-01-29

I've been listening to a lot of true crime lately. Like now hearing that someone died makes me wonder if they were murdered.

I've been meaning to ask for a raise at work for the training I do, but I keep forgetting. I'm also nervous about being lowballed and knowing it, but just accepting it. Because I wouldn't want to argue it.

But then I'm like, I've never really had but one job longer than three years. Maybe I should consider something new and probably different style.

Serving is a lot. I saw a segment on the news about tipping and it made me wish more people watched the news. Getting completely stiffed doesn't happen as much, but I have to tip out other people. So sometimes your 5 dollar tip on 100 dollar check doesn't really go to me...

It eats away at your soul sometimes. Thankfully I always manage to make enough, though here lately its by the skin of my teeth.

I made some resolutions last year that I did not complete, so I might try again this year. I also want to keep telling myself that this is my year.

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