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1:21 a.m. - 2018-11-14

I finally got a new phone.

I realized I have been really stressed lately.

This new place sucks. Shitty neighbors, you ok know... they keep trying to charge us for extra shit.

For a whole month now I've been working two doubles and closing, with little to no break on those days. I mean, I've made some good money... hence the new phone. But I feel like my soul is being crushed.

Some of the things I hear at work just irritates me too. I know gossip isn't always reliable, but it can sometimes be half true.

I just know my stress level will be the end of me. It just seems like whenever I'm trying to work on it, like a tidal wave of bullshit takes out my village. I mean any normal person would be stressed right now.

I'm like doomed to spend the rest of my life on edge, or the edge.

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